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Graceful Glamour Girl Who We Are

Hi! I’m Michelle and this is my sister Stephanie! You are probably wondering who we are. I’m on the right and Stephanie is on the left. We are the sisters behind Graceful Glamour Girl! We are both 20 somethings who are at completely different stages in our lives. Stephanie is an amazing wife to her husband Mitch and a wonderful mom to her son Shane. I am a Digital Marketing girl who spends her free time shopping, playing golf and traveling. We love ice cream, family time and laughing hysterically. I started this blog while in pursuit of my Communications degree. I had no idea where this blog would go, who would read it and where it would take me. I had no idea the wild ride I was in for. Although this blog started out all about fashion, it has become something much bigger. This has become a place of inspiration. We believe in being the best woman you can be and will always be here to support our readers. I have recently brought Stephanie on board to bring you some pretty awesome lifestyle content. I am all about fashion and she is all about DIY. Together we could conquer the world. Okay probably not the world but you get my drift.

I am so excited for this new season of Graceful Glamour Girl. We are thrilled to be able to get to share with you a new variety of posts. Stay tuned for some exciting new things!

God Bless,

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