Week 2 Update

FitJourney Week 2 Update

Let me just start off by saying that i’m not one of those people who takes pictures of all her food. However, seeing as how it is a requirement for bootcamp, I’ve been doing my best to keep up. I’m so excited to share my week 2 update! When I was putting together this collage I was thinking about how I really need to work on my meal presentations haha. Some of these are just sad. LOL. So Friday I had my first weigh in since starting bootcamp. I am pretty stoked about how it went. I have been sticking to my meal plans and workouts now that my cold is gone. I was a little nervous to step on the scale but was beyond excited once I did.

These last two weeks have been such a rollercoaster. I didn’t really expect to have any mood swings or anything even though I was warned I would. However last weekend, one snuck up on me and caught me completely off guard. What started out as accidentally burning my finger while cooking dinner, turned into full blown tears and frustration. I kind of felt pathetic for crying because I never cry and my finger didn’t really hurt as bad as it could have. However something just made me ball. I’m really thankful I was around my family and my sweet nephew cause they cheered me right up.┬áHonestly, I have never experienced anything like that. I laughed about it later but phew, it was weird.

I have learned a lot in the last two weeks. For one I have learned that healthy food isn’t gross. Yes, I actually thought that before bootcamp. I guess I was just eating the wrong healthy food. Another thing I have learned is i’m physically stronger than I thought I was. I have been pushing myself like crazy in the gym and am surprisingly only moderately sore. I am grateful for my gym where they are encouraging and inspirational. I don’t feel like i’m failing even if I don’t get to all the reps I needed to. It makes all the difference you guys! Want to read why i’m doing this? You can find that post here. You can also find a great recipe, here.

Can’t wait to share more updates with you all! God bless!

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