San Francisco Burgunday Shoes

San Francisco Louis Vuitton Purse

The Ferry Building

Target Black Dress

Rachel Roy Jacket and BaubleBar Necklace

| Dress: Target | Shoes: Sofft | Jacket: Rachel Roy (similar here) | Necklace: BaubleBar (similar ) |

| Purse: Louis Vuitton |

A Day in San Francisco in Sofft Shoes

No that’s not a typo, these shoes are from the brand Sofft and they are so comfortable! Can you believe it? I actually have a new post on the blog!! I’m pretty much just as shocked as you are. However when opportunity knocks you have to take it. I had the opportunity to spend some time in San Francisco with one of my best friends yesterday. We both hadn’t been there in a while so we decided to take a day off and drive in from Napa. I decided that what better time to make my grand return to blogging than that?

We decided to head to get some brunch at the Ferry Building. Well little did I know i’d be walking six blocks in these heels, but hey, i’m always up for a challenge. I’m happy to report that my knee did great walking those six blocks in heels, my feet however on the way back decided to start screaming. Either way, the laughs and conversation was well worth the pain.

Now normally my mom is my photographer for this blog but that has proven to be quite the struggle since moving to Napa. Thankfully, my sweet friend Sally was up for the task. Okay, I didn’t really ask if she was, I kind of just say hey would you mind taking my picture when we go to SF and gave her my camera. Thankfully she took a few shots to warm up then acted like a pro. I was seriously impressed. I should mention that her day job is owning a bakery in Napa (Monday Bakery), but who knows, she may have photography in her future.

Oh the Laughs

I can honestly tell you that moving to Napa has had its fair share of challenges. So many things were thrown my way this summer and I honestly would have never kept my sanity if it weren’t for Sally. It was a life altering summer and God must have known I wouldn’t make it through without a friend to help keep my head in a good place. From the day I moved into my apartment Sally was so sweet. No seriously, she left me some sweets the weekend I moved in! I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am that she was put in my life. She’s been a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to and a person who totally supports my love for good food. Our day trip to San Francisco was nothing short of hilarious. Every time we get together we can’t stop laughing. Our personalities are so similar and that makes for never having a dull moment.

Hope you all enjoy this outfit as much as I did. I can’t get over how slimming this dress is from Target’s new line, A New Day. I highly recommend snagging a few pieces before they are gone. So many great styles and for such affordable prices. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Grace Cathedral San Francisco

San Francisco Sunrise

San Francisco Sunrise Thursday

San Francisco Sunrise Fairmont Hotel

Because when there is no traffic coming, it is completely acceptable to stand in the street to take a photo. đŸ™‚

San Francisco Sunrise Mobile Ventures Summit

San Francisco Sacramento Street

This morning I am writing this blog from a quaint little cafe in San Francisco. I had to come up to the city for a conference for work and decided to head in super early to beat traffic and give myself time to enjoy the city a bit. I got here way earlier than planned but it was so nice to see the city lit up at night. It was picture perfect, as I drove over the Bay Bridge, Journey came on my Pandora station and of course it was one of my favorite songs, Lights. Talk about nostalgic, as I’m driving over the Bay Bridge to the city by the bay while the song about SF plays on the radio? Incredible? I think yes!

I always tend to forget what a big city San Francisco is until I am lost in one of the neighborhoods and screaming as I drive through intersections hoping I didn’t do anything illegal. I’m always terrified i’m going to go down a one way street or something. It’s entertaining to say the least. It was such a smooth drive which is rare coming into the bay, let me tell you. As I was getting close to the conference location I pulled over to stop and check for a street name. I was looking around when I happened to notice the beautiful Grace Cathedral to my left. I quickly snapped the photo above. How gorgeous can you get? The moon and clouds in the background of a cathedral? Beautiful.

As I was sitting in the window of the cafe writing the first part of this post I noticed how beautiful the sky was looking. I walked outside to see the most gorgeous cotton candy sky I have seen in a while. I decided I was done with my coffee and wanted to walk around a bit. I’m so glad I did. I walked around the whole block where the hotel is located and couldn’t believe how pretty everything is in the morning light. I snapped all these pictures with my IPhone because I didn’t want to bring my big DSLR to the city. Even on an IPhone, these pictures don’t look too bad. Side note: It is clearly a good thing that i’m going back to the gym because these intense SF streets with hills will kill ya! I’m not panting at all… Lol.

I am so blessed to live in CA where you are about two hours from everything. I am thrilled my job takes me cool places. As I was driving in I was thinking about all the cool opportunities I have been able to experience over the last 26 years. My parents raised me to never let the fear of the unknown stop me from living life. I embrace everything I possibly can so that I can never look back and say I regret not doing something. After a day like yesterday, I needed this mornings drive to clear my head and my heart. The fresh San Francisco air really does make you a happier person. Until next time…

Have a great day! God bless!

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Graceful Glamour Girl I Heart NY Shirt

Graceful Glamour Girl Leather Skirt

Graceful Glamour Girl VW Bug

Graceful Glamour Girl Aldo Heels

Graceful Glamour Girl Cheetah Clutch

Graceful Glamour Girl Pearl Necklaces

 Shirt: Random Street Vendor in NYC (similar here) // Skirt: JCPenney (similar here) // Necklace: Forever21 (similar here) // Shoes: Aldo (similar here) // Wristlet: Juicy Couture (similar here) //

 One of my favorite things about having my fashion blog is getting to find new and creative backgrounds. I love constantly exploring my city and although it is challenging at times, it is definitely worth it. Today while picking out my next background I saw a man getting into this awesome red Volkswagen bug. I used to be obsessed with these cars when I was little and this one definitely caught my eye. My quick thinking mom asked the man if he would let me take a picture in front of his car. This sweet man not only got out of his car, but told me to take my time and could use it for as many photos as I wanted. He was so sweet and his car definitely made this shoot!

I love this outfit for so many reasons. It is something completely different than what I normally wear. I love a new challenge and I always love this look on other bloggers so I decided to try it out. I am pretty much in love with the result! I got this shirt when I was at a fashion conference in NYC last fall and knew it would come in handy eventually. (Let’s not talk about all the stuff I brought home from NYC. The street vendor I bought this from probably thought I was crazy for all my souvenirs.) I paired this very simple tee with a leather skirt, a pearl necklace and a cute wristlet! I added these killer shoes and I was set! Hope you all love this post as much as I do! And if the man who owns this car reads this… THANK YOU! You were so kind and I greatly appreciate that! It made my day! Hope you all have a great day! Spread kindness! God Bless!

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