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Why hello there… I’ve got some exciting news! The blog is back (with a twist)!

At the beginning of 2018 I had this strong feeling I needed to take a step back. This blog had become a chore and I never wanted it to feel that way. Partially because I had just made a major life change, moved almost 300 miles south of where I was living and no longer felt as passionate about fashion as I once did. My head and my heart were in two completely different places and it was time to focus on me for a bit.

After months of doing just that (and encouragement from everyone, basically), I am thrilled to say Graceful Glamour Girl is back. However, what once was strictly a fashion blog, now has become a lifestyle focused blog. Why, you ask? Well because I bought a house and now I only buy home decor items. Haha!

To catch you up, I bought a house over the summer and have been renovating it piece by piece. After working in Real Estate for years the process of buying a house didn’t scare me at all. It was probably one of the easiest transactions I have ever witnessed to be honest. But then the real challenge came, decorating and renovating. I’m happy to say that my house is now in a place where I love sharing it with everyone and that includes you! I can’t wait to share with you all the details of the last year—trips that I took, decorating tips, DIY struggles, and all the chaos in between.

So here’s to 2019, where my house continues to become a home, my heart continues to live for others and my faith keeps me grounded in hope for the future.

Thanks for following along and Happy New Year!

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I’ve been dreading this post. I will be honest, I have been avoiding writing it for months. It’s probably one of the few things I didn’t think would ever come to an end, but I’ve decided it is time. It is time for Graceful Glamour Girl to say goodbye… for now.

Truthfully I didn’t see this coming, but then again, have I seen any part of the last year coming? Not. At. All. The last time I wrote a post on here was rough. (You can read it here). My head and heart were in a completely different place. There was so much pain that needed healing and so much frustration that I needed to share. Not to help myself, okay maybe a little, but mainly to help others so they wouldn’t make the same mistake I did. My entire life I have had one goal, to help others. While some of that may look a little different than how others would have done it, I really, truthfully only wanted to help others. Well, that goal still continues but from a new perspective. A new perspective that includes the desire to live a more quiet life.

This new perspective has allowed me to take a step back and see with my eyes wide open. While fashion will always have a special place in my heart, the time devoted to this blog could be spent better elsewhere. Am I going to give away all my clothes and live in yoga pants? No. No more than I already do that is. But I really just am in a different place than I used to be.

When my mom and I started this blog, I was living at home, working full time and going to school full time. Our weekends were spent with a camera in tow and 5 outfits at a time that I’d change into in the backseat of my truck. I would spend hours editing photos and picking out outfits for my next shoot. It was exhausting but rewarding so I always made the time, and bless my moms heart, so did she.

We treated this like another job and I’m confident that her devotion to it as much as mine was why it was so successful. But recently I realized what is truly important and for me, that was finding what true contentment felt like. I can happily say, I finally found it. Was it in a husband? Nope. (I mean I hope that’s in the cards at some point in the future, but that’s another story) Was it in one of the most photographed places ever (Napa)? Nope. It was in a town south of where I grew up that I really had never spent any time in. Well unless you count In N Out to eat a few times.

Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed I would be sitting here in this apartment, in this city, writing this blog. But hey, they say tell God your plans so He can laugh, and after last year He probably laughed so hard His side hurt. I even find myself sitting in peace and quiet and just laughing because on what planet should the last 5 months have gone the way that they have?

I am blessed.

Blessed because even when I make huge mistakes, God still knows my heart. Even when I try to take control and own a situation, He knows I will fail and catches me anyway. Even when I feel like I’m trying to do things the right way, He reminds me, there is a better way, His way. I am humbled by the incredible amount of things He has protected my heart from and am learning more and more each day to rely on Him.

While I’m personally sad that this is the end of the road for the blog, for now, I’m more sad to lose that connection with all of you reading this. I’ve met some truly incredible people because of this blog. I’ve got to travel to NYC, work with brands like Miss Me and Durango, and have met so many inspiring women along the way. To everyone who has read this blog and followed it through all these years, I’m humbled by that, truly. You have no idea how much it has meant to me to be able to interact with you all and share my life.

While the blog will be gone, my Instagram will still be alive. It’s on private mode, because lets be real, one stalker was enough to make that happen. However, I will gladly still talk to you all on there and respond to any comments or questions. I’m not sure when I’ll actually take this blog down, but the time is coming soon. I just couldn’t do it without letting you all know how grateful and humbled I am.

So for the last time, thank you all for your prayers, well wishes and virtual hugs.

Have a great evening and God bless!

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Napa Valley Fire Two

Napa Valley Fire OneNapa Valley Fire Three

Napa Valley Fire Four

Napa Valley Fire Five

Napa Valley Fire Six

Napa Valley Fire Seven

The top photos are from my first attempt to find cell service around 7am. The bottom two photos are taken in the same spot just one hour later. The air from these Napa Valley Fires was horrible from the start.

Where do I begin? The last two weeks have been a rollercoaster and one that has shaken me to my core. Just two weeks ago I had spent the day wine tasting with my friends. We were having so much fun and enjoyed getting to take in the beauty of Napa Valley. A gift that I don’t take for granted everyday on my way to work. It still blows my mind that a day filled with so much laughter and fun ended with heartbreak and started what would be considered one of the most devastating wildfires ever.

Even now, two weeks later, my emotions are still high. My heart is broken for those who lost everything. I can’t imagine the heartache of those who lost loved ones and I some how feel guilty that all I lost was a lot of food out of my fridge. It truly shows you what you can and can’t live without when you have to run through your home and figure out what to take and what to leave behind.

While my heart aches for this community I have seen first hand so many incredible things come out of this tragedy. I have seen hundreds if not thousands of people donate their time, effort and goods to families and first responders. I have seen groups of firefighters driving down highway 29 after a long nights shift with exhaustion in their eyes and ash on their faces but still willing to sleep a few hours and get up to do it again. I have seen signs displayed all over town, thanking every first responder. I have spent time with first responders and while they will try to convince you this was just their job, I know different. Whether they admit it or not, they saved families, animals, homes, memories and the lives of so many people.

Words can’t express my gratitude for every single firefighter, EMT, nurse, doctor, law enforcement officer, military member and volunteer who helped save lives. You are the people who make this country so great. You put your lives on the line to help make sure others will live. I am extremely proud to know so many of you and just so you know, I think you are the bravest people I’ve ever met.

The smoke may be clearing the air, but this is far from over for so many people. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has asked about me and checked in on me. You all are greatly appreciated and loved.

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