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I had the opportunity to head to one of my best friends store grand openings on Saturday. Design Solutions recently opened in Oakdale, CA and let me just tell you, it’s amazing!! My best friend and her mom opened the store and it is so dreamy. Melinda’s mom, Lupe has been in the design industry for years and not only does she have this amazing store, she can also decorate your entire home with just one phone call. Okay, not really, but to get the process started, all you have to do is call.

The store is a mixture of Joanna Gaines meets Potterybarn. I love all the natural colors and tones that come to life in this store. It is so peaceful when you walk in. Not to mention, i’m pretty sure I would be very happy if I could just have one of everything. Melinda and her mom originally had this store in a shared space in Turlock but decided to expand and i’m so glad they did. Now there are even more items for me to purchase.

More than a store…

Beyond the fact that they have incredible inventory, I love the ambiance when you walk in. I had great respect for these two ladies because their business sense is impressive, but their love for God is even more admirable. I originally met Melinda when I started being a youth leader at my church almost two years ago. Instantly, we became friends. Like she said on Saturday, we are pretty much the same person but we are completely different. After I found out that I was moving to Napa, I had about a week to move. I called her and begged her to come help me pack. Well after one large box, I got tired and told Melinda, “Let’s just watch a movie.” It was then, in that moment, we came to the conclusion that I was Rachel and she was Monica from the show Friends. I am so blessed that God brought her into my life. She constantly shows me grace and provides the best Godly advice when I need it.

If you are in the area or want to make a special trip, I highly recommend that you stop by the store. It is so beautiful and includes so many gorgeous things.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! God bless!

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So as you may have gathered from previous posts, I had my first child 10 months ago (oh my, where is the time going???). This being my first pregnancy and baby, I started doing all sorts of research early on about what I would need for myself and for my son once he came. The month of March is dedicated to all of my absolute “can’t-live-withouts” for baby!

The Latchy Catchy

One of the best things I found out about early on was the Latchy Catchy. Latchy Catchys are door latch catchers / silencers. I actually purchased one for myself when I was six months pregnant because I wanted to make sure I was ready! Oh my goodness, what a Godsend it was! I cannot even explain how amazing I think Latchy Catchys are. My son can be a light sleeper at times and this product has made naptimes and bedtime SO easy! I can check on him or go into his room if needed SOUNDLESSLY.

The Latchy Catchy With Shane

The lifesaver Latchy Catchy

My husband and I literally take our Latchy Catchy everywhere when we travel. They are fantastic on hotel bathroom doors and resort condo bedroom doors. They adapt so easy to fit any door handle! I was taking our Latchy Catchy with us every time we would visit my parent’s house and recently purchased one for them to keep at their home.

The Latchy Catchy Giveaway

Latchy Catchys should LITERALLY be in every parents home. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if hospitals gave them away as a congratulations gift??? I tell absolutely everyone I meet who is pregnant or has small children about it. My husband jokingly calls me the unofficial Latchy Catchy ambassador. It is one of my dreams someday to purchase a whole bunch of these and give them out to random pregnant mamas or mamas with littles that I see. AND….Latchy Catchys are so affordable, I know I will be able to do this in the future someday. The exciting part is Lyndsey, the mama and creator of Latchy Catchy, has partnered with Graceful Glamour Girl to give one to one of our lucky followers! Enter below to win one Latchy Catchy of your choice from their website!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Until next time…

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** Although Latchy Catchy provided a giveaway and product for the purpose of this post, the views and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Graceful Glamour Girl.

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When we first started this journey (January 2010), the guest bathroom was pink. Yes, pink. Now, I’m a fan of pink. Fuchsia was one of our wedding colors. I like pink in pretty much anything but bathrooms.

The Pink Bathroom Before

The Pink Bathroom Before Photo two

Well we were getting married in July 2010 and wanted to just do the minimum to make the house clean and livable (fresh coat of paint, new carpet, etc). The rest would come. Well, legend has it that my husband and two of his friends were working on the house late one evening when they ran out of some materials. My husband went to Home Depot to buy some. When he returned, the bathroom was completely demolished.

The Pink Bathroom Destruction Photo

Thus, prompting a complete remodel of this bathroom VERY early on. Here is the finished product:

The Bathroom Renovation

We added a niche in the wall of the shower to hold shampoo bottles, razors, etc.

The New Guest Bathroom

The New Guest Bathroom Mirror and Sink

The New Guest Bathroom Signs

When hanging multiples of wall décor I will either do leveled side to side, leveled on top of each other or offset side to side like you see in the photo. For some reason, I prefer to have the left one higher than the right. I have another set of prints that are hung the same style in the living room (with the left higher than the right).

We used Behr paint in the shade of Parisian Taupe. Shower and floor are both natural stone.

Until next week…

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