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Graceful Glamour Girl Buckle Scarf

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Graceful Glamour Girl Target Snow Boots

Graceful Glamour Girl Love Culture Jacket

Graceful Glamour Girl Hudson Jeans

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Graceful Glamour Girl Pink Beanie

| Snow Boots: Target (similar here) | Jeans: Hudson Jeans | Jacket: Love Culture (similar here) | Beanie: Helen & Louise (similar here) | Scarf: Buckle (similar here) |

I have to admit, I was never really a fan of shopping for snow boots when I was a kid. Mainly because they are big, bulky and pretty uncomfortable. I always remember my parents taking my sister and I to Walmart or Target to find some boots before a big snow trip. I always appreciated their willingness to purchase Steph and I new boots every season. I’m sure it wasn’t always easy considering, my feet used to grow at a rapid rate. 🙂

A few years ago, I was headed up to winter camp with junior high students from my church. I was prepping for my trip and quickly realized I didn’t have any comfortable snow boots or ones that fit. I mildly freaked out because I was packing the day before as usual and was stressed I wouldn’t find a pair at the end of snow season. I ran to Target praying the whole way that they had something, anything, I could wear.

Much to my luck, I found these winter snow boots. How adorable are these? I love them. They are so comfortable and could not be more adorable. Immediately they reminded me of Sorel boots and I just knew these would be perfect. I took them to winter camp and they kept my feet super warm and dry. I got compliments on them all weekend and I was as happy as a clam. These are now my go to boots to take to the snow every time I go. They were perfect for this mountain adventure!

Hope you all have a great day! God bless!

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