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So you’ll notice that the image above isn’t retouched, the lighting isn’t bright and it’s not arranged how I normally would have if I were posting it on Instagram. Well, this is a real life post and that requires a real life photo of my lunch while sitting in a cafe.

Have you ever sat in a cafe and listened to the conversations around you? Now I don’t mean this in a creepy way, that isn’t my intention or the purpose of this post. However, every now and then I love to just sit in a cafe, by myself, completely removed from technology and just be still. While in the pursuit of peace and quiet, I always tend to over hear conversations around me. Some of them are light hearted, girlfriends catching up, talking about their kids. Some are more burdening on the heart, a friend opening up to her other friend about how hard her divorce has been. No matter the place, time of day or type of cuisine, I always hear some pretty interesting conversations. Sitting in a cafe can be very eye opening and humbling.

Why is Michelle writing a blog post all about other people’s business? I’m not, the purpose of this post is to help you stop and realize just how much people are truly dealing with. We get so caught up in our Instagram feed, our Facebook friends and we forget about those people who are sitting in front of us and around us. I am a firm believer that there is always someone out there less fortunate or in a tougher situation than you. In the moment I forget that things could always be worse. Then I walk into a cafe to spend time with my own thoughts and sure enough, I hear someone talking about something that would absolutely break me if I was having to deal with it.

I always love how God knows exactly what I need to hear, or overhear. These last two weeks have been brutal to say the least. I guess my vacation to the East coast was the first real vacation I took where I had a ton of responsibilities to come home to. I guess it was my first “adult,” vacation. I have been in a zone, no lie. I haven’t been as patient, as graceful and as kind as I normally am. Although subconsciously I know i’m not being the person I want to be, it is ridiculously hard to pull yourself out of it. When you are in the midst of the grind, you tend to only focus on that.

Let’s be honest, in today’s generation we are all out for ourselves. When you think about it, that makes the world a pretty cold place. Imagine if we all just took 5 minutes out of our day to listen to others. To respond kindly when someone asks for help. To be graceful when faced with adversity. To be patient when we are running 100mph and “don’t have time to be.” What a world it would be if we all just took a few minutes out of our day to be humble and kind. That is a world I would love to live in. Anyone else feeling this way? Catch yourself before you wreck yourself! 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to start small, maybe today it is 5 minutes, maybe tomorrow it is 10. Take the time to notice people in real life and not just the ones filling up your timeline on Facebook.

God bless!

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Rhode Island

The Breakers in Rhode Island

Yellow Flowers Rhode Island

Mansion Pillars

Rhode Island Freezing Cold

| Boots: Christina’s Fine Clothing (similar here) | Jeans: MissMe (similar here) | Jacket: Michael Kors (similar here) | Scarf: Helen & Louise (similar here) | Shirt: Target (similar here) | Purse: Tory Burch |

Like I mentioned in my last post, getting caught up from vacation has been less than easy. I never realize how many projects I am involved in, until I take off work and don’t do any of them. I am happy to be back and already gearing up for another trip coming very soon. While on the East coast, we made it a point to visit as many states as we could. When you’re from California you have to maximize your time. That being said, throughout the vacation we visited 6 states! Can you believe that?? I’ve always wanted to visit Rhode Island and finally I was able to. While we were there we went to Newport to visit the Breakers.

If you aren’t sure what the Breakers are, they are a group of mansions that sit directly on the Atlantic Ocean. They are huge, gorgeous and truly impressive. What I didn’t know is that a college sits right in the neighborhood and used a lot of these mansions as meeting halls. It was truly remarkable to see the Vanderbilt mansion among so many others. Also, it was FREEZING. So if I look incredibly cold, I was. I decided to take the casual approach since I was on vacation and all. I paired my favorite skinny jeans with some knee high boots and a very warm coat. I added an orange scarf and was really glad I did. When we started walking around the mansions I was completely numb. Thank goodness for scarves. So glad I was able to see so many beautiful places.

I hope you all have a great day! God bless!Cursive Signature

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Born Free Shirt

Tan Crossbody Bag

A papermill makes a great backdrop.

This All American outfit was perfect for my trip to the North East.

Kut from the Kloth Distressed Denim

Tan Crossbody Bag Giveaway

| Bag: Sitting Pretty | Shirt: c/o Sitting Pretty | Jeans: c/o Kut from the Kloth (similar here) | Boots: Hunter via Nordstrom |

I’m sure everyone knows by now that I went to Boston a few weeks ago. Knowing I was going to a place with some of the most amazing history, I had to take this Born Free shirt with me. Yes, it has taken me a “few” weeks to get my head on straight and finally sort out all my photos I took on vacation. It was my first time in the far North East and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. It was like stepping into a history book. We stayed in a very small town that seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. However we discovered on the way to town one day that there was this adorable paper mill very close to where we were staying. It was really cool to see the smoke stacks during the day and I just loved the look of the building.

I had packed this outfit with hopes I would find an all American place to wear it. Well how much more American can you get than a paper mill? I stopped by Sitting Pretty in Chowchilla before I left on vacation. I was hoping to find a few tops that I could wear. Well, I had no idea that it would be so cold out there, so all the tops I bought, required a heavy jacket to be put over them so I could stay warm. I may have froze for the purpose of these photos, but it was totally worth it. So here’s the exciting part about today’s post. I’ve teamed up with Sitting Pretty to giveaway the tan version of the cross body purse (pictured in the last photo) i’m wearing in these photos. How exciting is that?! This purse was a life saver on vacation. It held quite a bit of stuff and was adorable with every outfit. Want to enter? Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

Hope you all have a happy Sunday! God bless!

A huge thank you to Sitting Pretty for giving me product for the purpose of this post. Thank you for always supporting the brands that support Graceful Glamour Girl.

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