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Merry Christmas!! What better way to celebrate Christmas than showing you a new DIY decoration idea? I am grateful to be spending today with my family and couldn’t feel more blessed that I am able to be home with them. This year has been one heck of a year. I feel so grateful that I have had some amazing opportunities and got to truly enjoy little moments with some of the best people around. Part of my appreciation for Christmas comes from my mom and her attention to detail. She always decorates their house in the most beautiful way.

For today’s DIY Living post, my brother in law made this adorable wood framed chicken wire display. He made me one for Christmas and I am in love. He made quite a few for various family members and all of them turned out great. My sister has one in her house and decorated it similarly. I went around my parents house and snagged a few items to decorate this one with. It is great for greeting cards, Christmas decorations and of course I had to add twinkle lights. It is the perfect addition to any home. My mom hung hers on a wall in their hallway and after I decorated this one, she decided to leave it up. I think it’s funny cause I was never that girl who liked to decorate, but having a space of my own has changed that. I actually enjoy it now!

All gifts and stuff aside, the real reason for the season is Jesus. I pray no one forgets that.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas today, filled with love and laughter! God bless!

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