Exciting News—Cheers to 2019!

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Why hello there… I’ve got some exciting news! The blog is back (with a twist)!

At the beginning of 2018 I had this strong feeling I needed to take a step back. This blog had become a chore and I never wanted it to feel that way. Partially because I had just made a major life change, moved almost 300 miles south of where I was living and no longer felt as passionate about fashion as I once did. My head and my heart were in two completely different places and it was time to focus on me for a bit.

After months of doing just that (and encouragement from everyone, basically), I am thrilled to say Graceful Glamour Girl is back. However, what once was strictly a fashion blog, now has become a lifestyle focused blog. Why, you ask? Well because I bought a house and now I only buy home decor items. Haha!

To catch you up, I bought a house over the summer and have been renovating it piece by piece. After working in Real Estate for years the process of buying a house didn’t scare me at all. It was probably one of the easiest transactions I have ever witnessed to be honest. But then the real challenge came, decorating and renovating. I’m happy to say that my house is now in a place where I love sharing it with everyone and that includes you! I can’t wait to share with you all the details of the last year—trips that I took, decorating tips, DIY struggles, and all the chaos in between.

So here’s to 2019, where my house continues to become a home, my heart continues to live for others and my faith keeps me grounded in hope for the future.

Thanks for following along and Happy New Year!

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