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Be Kind

As you all know I have become an avid shopper because of my blog. I tend to travel a lot and always enjoy visiting new stores and revisiting ones I have already been to. No matter the store and no matter the price tag of items in the store I always treat shopping like the privilege that it is. I wish more people thought of shopping the way I do. One of the most common situations I run into is rude sales people. I used to be a manager for a big box retailer and I can definitely sympathize with people when they are having a bad day. I know the struggle to be kind all too well.  My frustration comes from when I encounter the same sales representatives being rude every time I walk in, there clearly is a problem. There is absolutely no excuse for an employee to not be overwhelmingly kind when I walk into their store. Without my purchase and the purchase of other customers they would more than likely not have a job.

Now before you assume this is a rant that I am merely getting off my chest, it is not. I am simply giving a friendly reminder that kindness goes a long way. I will never understand why people do not want to be kind. Most of the time I get the impression it is a status thing and they want to seem better than everyone else. If that is the case, it is sad. I have 10 times more respect for kind people than I do for rude people. There is a sign going around on Facebook and Instagram and it simply says, “Be Kind.” I LOVE IT! That should be everyone’s daily goal, to be kind! I can think of a million reasons why people will tell me they don’t feel like being kind or nice today. My response, if God got you up this morning, then its a good day, so be nice! Always remember there are millions of people out there that have it worse than you, even when you are at your lowest.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and appreciate every day that you are alive. Use your life to tell a story, make sure its a good one!

(To all the sales associates out there don’t cast judgment on customers when they walk in your store, be kind and pleasant no matter what!)

(To the employers who hire rude associates, think twice, is that the type of person you want representing you and your company?)

Hope you all have a good Friday night! I pray you spread kindness, even when you don’t feel like it! 😉

God Bless!

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I know I talk a lot about fashion and makeup but lets be honest, having cute clothes and flawless makeup is only part of being beautiful.  I was always taught that beauty is what’s on the inside and I still hold that statement very close to my heart to this day.  I understand how some people might disagree with that statement, however beauty is not what defines me and should not define anyone else.  It seems like every day the media has a new picture of an average sized girl and they are calling her overweight and plus size.  I’m not sure what world the media is living in however the world of double 0’s are long gone.  Not only is it demeaning to women every where but it gives men the impression that an anorexic sized woman is, “normal.” The platform that this blog stands on is loving yourself and everything about yourself, I wish more people supported that platform.

I have the absolute pleasure of knowing quite a few young girls through church and it kills me that these are the images and taglines they are seeing.  These girls come in all shapes and sizes and are ALL beautiful in their own way.  They have all touched my heart and made an impact on how I view our future generations.  I hear people talking all the time about how our young generations are so screwed up, but have you stopped to think that maybe it is because we have all let this get so far? When young women are only seeing these images and messages what do we expect?

I personally support being healthy not skinny.  You may read this and laugh because obviously I’m no where near being skinny anyway, but I’m okay with that.  I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be healthy! I have started eating more fruits and vegetables as well as working out and walking more.  I feel so much healthier and my clothes are even starting to fit better! I challenge you as women to not worry so much about how much you weigh and worry more about what you eat! I also challenge you to help change this perception that being a healthy size 6 is considered, “plus size!”


Hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL evening! God Bless!


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