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It’s no secret how close my mom and I are. Well it’s really no secret how close my whole family is with one another. I feel extremely lucky that we are that family that would rather spend time with each other, rather then spend time apart. So today is Mother’s Day and there is no other way I would like to celebrate it than recognizing the two most important Mother’s in my life right now, my mom and sister. I am still not used to seeing or calling my sister a mom but it will sink in eventually.

So let’s talk about my sister for a second. I’m not sure why I can’t grasp that my sister has a baby yet, because in reality, she has been a mom her whole life. She has been my second mom for 26 years now and I think I have finally grown to appreciate it. Thinking back, there really wasn’t a time where she didn’t have some sort of motherly influence on me. When we were little she would hold my hand and pull me behind her, where ever she went. We would play dress up, have tea parties and wrestle on the ground like boys. She was my first best friend and I am blessed that I still consider her a best friend today. Every day I see her with Shane it amazes me at how much she cares and loves that little boy. She is an amazing teacher, safety net, hand holder and is filling his head with so much knowledge. I am amazed by her patience, kindness and thoughtfulness, Mitch and Shane are lucky to have her. It has been one of the most incredible journeys to see her grow up and go from being a big sister to a mother. I am confident that she has become such a good mommy because her and I both have a wonderful mom.

Speaking of, let’s talk about mom. I am confident that when God made me, he gave me my mother’s heart. It is no secret that Stephanie closely mirrors my dad and I closely mirror my mom. Some days I sit there in awe of how much my mom and I think alike. Our hearts ache for the same things, we find comfort in the same ways and when we love, we love hard. She was raised by an incredible woman who unfortunately we lost too soon to a battle of cancer. Some days I look at my mom and see so much of my grandma and that makes missing my grandma a little easier. While most are quick to anger, my mom is quick to care. That is a quality I pray I picked up from her. She keeps my dad sane, keeps me in check and is always there to offer advice to my sister when needed. Talk about a tough job, managing the three of us is easier said than done but she seems to always handle us with grace.

Hope you all enjoyed some of my favorite photos of my mom, sister and I!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mama’s out there. God bless!

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Birthday Celebration with Bianca

// Jacket – MissMe (similar here) // Shorts – Abercrombie & Fitch (similar here) // Top – Anthropologie (similar here) // Shoes – Michael Kors (similar here) //

Let me just start off this post with saying how humbled I am from the response of my last post. Every single person that reached out to me and made sure I was really okay, honestly touched me. So thank you for that. After writing my last post I feel like I have had a totally different outlook on life. I am learning to live in the moment. Not let the what ifs bog me down and not let unanswered questions distract me. Granted that is easier said than done but i’m making a conscious effort to live by those words.

May is filled with tons of reasons to celebrate. Birthdays, Anniversaries, holidays and so much more. So in true Michelle fashion I decided to have a little celebration of my own. What a better way to celebrate turning 26 than inviting over your favorite people and laughing till late into the night? I’ll fill you in, there is nothing better. I was overwhelmed with how many people came over to help me celebrate on a Wednesday night. Two of my best friends drove in from the bay and two of my other best friends drove in from out of town as well. I felt so special that so many people made the trip to come and hang out for the evening. There is nothing like an apartment full of people, all singing Happy Birthday to you. It was amazing. My birthday falls on Mother’s Day this year so a Wednesday night celebration seemed appropriate. Haha. Sadly I only took two photos last night but on the upside they were with two of my very best friends.

I feel incredibly blessed for where God has lead me the last 7 months. I started a new job, made new friends, moved to a new city and am even learning how to balance it all and still write on my blog. Talk about reasons to have big celebrations. It has been an adventure and one that I would not trade for anything. It looks like living in the moment might work out well after all. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Hope you all have a good night! God bless!

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Every now and then we all need a reality check. We get caught up in the little stuff and we tend to forget what really matters. We go about our days and wait for the clock to strike 5pm to be off of work. We get used to the mundane and we tend to become desensitized in the saddest form. On occasion we really lose who we are. Most of the time we don’t even realize it has happened. Then, one moment changes everything and takes you back to your center and re-prioritizes your life. That moment for me was Saturday morning.

This past weekend I traveled to Southern California to celebrate my sweet nephews 1st birthday with friends and family. I had been looking forward to this weekend for months, okay since the day he was born and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Shane is at such a fun stage right now, he has the cutest personality and definitely knows what he wants. He will make sure you know what he wants too without even saying a word. It’s all in the hand motions and the grunting sounds he makes when he needs to go touch something. It’s quite comical. My sister put together this adorable Red, White and Blue party because he is OBSESSED with the American flag. We are a very patriotic family so it works out perfectly. We are so proud!

Saturday before the party we were all rushing around to get ready for the guests to arrive and we knew that the little man would freak out and not take a nap as soon as the balloons arrived. So we decided that I would take him for a drive so everyone could finish getting ready and he could sleep and be completely rejuvenated before his party started. Just me and him. He was fast asleep before I even pulled off their street. I drove around for a while and was finally on my way home when IT happened.

I was less than a 1/4 of a mile away from their house when I heard the most horrific sound from outside my sisters truck. I turned my head to see the car that was about 3 feet from my back left tire go slamming into oncoming traffic. I heard the screeching of the tires and saw smoke fill the air, I came to a stop just in time to turn my head again and see a car ROLLING OVER across the opposite lanes and come to a rest against a telephone pole. All I could think about was Shane. I turned around to thankfully see him fast asleep.  The loud, terrifying noises didn’t seem to phase him. I called 911 immediately and told the dispatcher what had happened. I couldn’t see anyone getting out of the car. What felt like minutes later firetrucks and policemen arrived. I called my dad to tell him what had happened and how close it was to me and he rushed down the street to meet me. I barely got the words, “Shane and I are fine but I just witnessed a BAD accident,” out of my mouth before I broke down balling. I was beyond shook up. I was shaking like a leaf and could not compose myself for several moments. Thankfully they got the person out and he seemed to be fine.

For the rest of the day I questioned how Shane and I got so lucky. Had I stayed at one stop light for 3 seconds longer I could have been in the middle of that accident. Had I not left exactly when I did he and I could have been needing to be tended to by paramedics. All I could do was thank God that Shane was okay and that God kept us safe. The party was a great event and my sister did a wonderful job planning it, but the whole time all I could do was feel beyond humbled that we were able to be there.

Talk about a reality check. Most days we go about our business and never stop and think that today may be all we have. We have no idea what will happen tomorrow, an hour from now or 5 seconds from now. Moral of the story, live your life with no regrets. If you have something to say to someone, say it. If you need to tell someone you love them, tell them. If you need to apologize, do it. Don’t wait one more second to do something that you need to do, just do it. I am beyond grateful that Saturday did not turn out differently. This whole experience was a very humbling one.

Side note: I have no idea why the car went into oncoming traffic so unexpectedly but I pray that it was not related to a cell phone. Please Please PLEASE think twice before texting and driving. It can only end badly. Hope you all have a great night and take these words to heart. This whole experience changed me and I know it was for the best.

God bless,

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