New York & Co

Yellow Jacket

Fendi Sunglasses

Old Navy Pants

Ruffled Shirt

Polka Dot Pants

Dolce Vita for Target

Black, White and Yellow

Kate Spade

Bright Lip Color

| Pants: Old Navy | Jacket: Macy’s (similar here) | Top: New York & Co. (similar here) | Wedges: Target (similar here) | Sunglasses: Fendi (similar here) |

It is officially Spring! Bring on all my favorite bright colors. Granted most of the Winter felt like Spring in California, I am happy that I can officially wear bright colors without anyone looking at me weird. I finally decided that it was time to go shopping for some new pants. Seeing as how all my other pairs now hang off of me. So I went to Old Navy to check out their ankle pants. I have never been able to wear Old Navy’s pants because they never fit me right before I started bootcamp. Well much to my surprise, they fit and I went down 2 whole sizes from where I was before.

Thrilled doesn’t even describe my excitement right now. I found these black and white pants immediate and knew I could pair them with a million things. I borrowed this yellow jacket from my mom and paired it with some new wedges from Target. I always borrow this jacket from my mom. It is one of my favorites and every time I go to my parents house, I feel like I wear it with something. Another awesome part about this outfit is the shoes. Dolce Vita is one of my favorite shoe brands and I am so excited that they partnered with Target for a line of shoes. They are comfortable and adorable. They go with everything. Jeans, work pants, dresses and skirts. Literally, everything! Want to see how I styled some other colored pants? Head here to see some.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! God bless!

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Navy Blue Shorts From J.Crew

Napa Valley Meritage Resort

Napa Valley Paradise

Napa Valley Relaxation Weekend

Napa Valley Summer Outfit

Napa Valley Wine Tasting Outfit

Napa Valley Casual Outfit

// Jacket – Miss Me (similar here) // Shorts – J.Crew // Top – New York & Co. (similar here) // Shoes – Michael Kors (similar here) //

Did I mention how amazing the weather was the whole time I was in Napa? It was cloudy in the morning then gorgeous and sunny in the afternoons. Talk about perfect. It was so great to spend quality time with my family and get to relax. Living in California, I tend to forget how lucky we are that we have tons of vacation spots within hours of where I live. We have Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco and so many more. It is always nice to take extended weekend trips to see the sights that we often forget about.

There is just something about Napa that truly inspires me. Maybe it is the fact that this whole place has come to life because of grapes. That’s pretty inspiring right? I think so! I have been blessed to travel all over the country and see some pretty incredible places but truth be told, Napa will always be one of my favorites. There is an element of class here and that is what I love them most. I’ll take Napa over Vegas any day!

Now about the outfit. I found these navy blue shorts at the J.Crew Factory Store in the bay area a couple of weeks ago. I am OBSESSED with them. Their pattern is so distracting yet subtle. They are navy blue and white so they go with everything. I decided to wear this outfit into town the other day and it was perfect for walking the streets and shopping. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

Hope you all have a great weekend. God bless!

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Since Valentine’s Day is on Friday I wanted to do a heart themed post! Yes, this is the closest I came. I absolutely love this outfit! I received this jacket from MissMe last summer and it has become a staple jacket in my closet! It is so feminine and classy! I paired it with a skirt I have had for years from Target. I love the way this skirt flares out, however would NOT recommend wearing it in the wind! We were expecting a pretty big storm when I shot this and was amazed at how beautiful the sky looked in the background! Definitely one of those moments that make me feel blessed to live near so much open space!

Open space which I tend to take for granted. I forget that not so many people can drive one mile and see a skyline like this. I have always lived near the country and it has always been a great place to go when I need to think. I take drives down country roads, park up in the hills or just look out into the distant hills. I am blessed for sure.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with moments from those you love!

Have a great day! God Bless!


Jacket – c/o MissMe

Skirt – Target

Shoes – CottonOn

Necklace – New York & Co.


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