So I have to say, I am absolutely in love with this bag from Olivia + Joy! I got it a couple of years ago and have been in love with their company ever since! I took it to New York with me because I liked that it had a cross body strap and zipped up! It is super practical and very trendy! I decided to share my purse essentials with you that I take EVERYWHERE with me! I don’t leave the house without everything in this photo!

Wallet: I absolutely love this wallet! Its pink and signature Coach print! Too cute for words!

Business Card Holder: How adorable is this one? I’m obsessed with Kate Spade and when I saw this business card holder on her website I had to order it!

Glasses Case: So if you where glasses, I’m sure you already know that leaving your house without your glasses case is a huge mistake! I can’t tell you how many times I need to take my glasses off and am so happy that my case is ready when I need it!

Mentos: Obviously breathe mints are essential! I have an awful habit of eating them like candy however whenever I am nervous or just craving mint flavor, these are perfect!

Pen: I received this Poppin pen at LuckyFABB in NYC and LOVE IT! It is so fun and bright colored which is easy to find in my purse!

Lip Gloss and Lipstick: Absolutely love these Jane Iredale lip colors they are the perfect way to jazz up your face after a long day at work, so I always have them with me!

Mascara: I wear mascara everyday however, sometimes if I am heading out to dinner right after work I always feel better adding a little bit more! This Maybelline mascara is the best I have found and trust me, I have tried quite a few!

Foundation: One thing I hate is when I have had a stressful day and somehow in the mix I have rubbed off all my foundation! Therefore I have learned to carry it with me so right before a big meeting, or a dinner date I can reapply what I have rubbed off! I highly recommend every woman carry a compact with them. If nothing else you can always use the mirror for getting things out of your eye, which I am constantly doing.

Cosmetic Bag: Now I really don’t like having all this stuff loose in my purse, because it takes forever to find anything! So I carry all my makeup I this bag and it is easy to find and get to fast.  Lets not forget cute the bag itself is!


Purse – Olivia + Joy

Wallet – Coach

Business Card Holder – Kate Spade

Glasses Case – Fendi


Pen – Poppin

Lip Gloss & Lipstick – Jane Iredale

Foundation – Clinique

Mascara – Maybelline Colossal Volume

Cosmetic Bag – Victoria Secret

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After having a fantastic weekend in LA, I came home with plenty of food for thought! Everyone is always telling me how much they love my eye make up and I could not be more flattered! Here are some of my favorite color combinations to share!!

This combination is made of green and grey! I started out with a light base, then worked my way up to darker shades.  To top it off I added liquid eyeliner and some drastic mascara to make it complete!
This next look was created from mixing purple and silver.  I started out with silver as the base then added some pretty dark purple on top starting with the sides.  Once again adding liquid eyeliner on top with some amazing mascara and some gorgeous dark lip gloss to seal the deal!
Completed Look!
This next one is using silver and grey to create a gorgeous simple smokey eye.  Liquid eyeliner once again adds some drama and the lip gloss completes it!
Completed look!
This look was created from mixing pink and purple! During the day always remember to keep your look simple and light, at night feel free to spice it up with some dark, dramatic tones!  Don’t forget eyeliner and mascara to make any simple mixture look amazing!
 Completed Look!
These are just a few ways to make some pretty awesome collaborations! Sometimes you just need a little sparkle to feel pretty. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!
Have a great day!! God bless!
Michelle Signature
Make up:
All eyeshadow: E.L.F.
Liquid Eyeliner: E.L.F.
Mascara: Maybelline Colossal
Lip Gloss: Clinique
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Today I had extra time to get ready, which was shocking… Not really sure how it happened to be honest, either way I am excited for the way my hair and make up turned out!!! We will just call todays look, curls and smoke.
Everyone knows i’m a fan of smokey eyes! Today was no different!
For my hair, I curled it just like normal, then twisted two sections of it on each side and made this adorable style.
Close up!
Who doesn’t love a great hair do that involve messy curls and bobby pins? I sure do. I can’t tell you how many times a week I curl my hair and absolutely loved when I happened to create this look. As I mentioned, I actually had time to to spend a little extra time for TLC on my hair today. This was the result. I will be wearing this to work, class and out on the town. It is the perfect combination of classy and trendy. Not too crazy but not too boring. Just the right amount of both.
Hope you all have a wonderful day! God bless!
Eye shadow: E.L.F.  (Eyes, Lips, Face)
Mascara: Maybelline
Blush: Benefit
Foundation: Clinique
Lip Gloss: Revlon
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