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There was a penny on the ground that caught my attention, my mother always taught me to never be too good to pass up a penny… Words of wisdom.


While on the hunt for the perfect outfits for my NYC trip I stumbled upon both of these key pieces! I found this Jacket in Macy’s and absolutely adore it!! Then I found these maroon pants at Helen & Louise in Merced, they have such a great selection of colored pants. I have been trying to branch out and try different colored jeans and I’m so happy I did with this outfit! This look is great for a causal day paired with flats or dress it up with a pair of heels! I love the way these colors compliment each other.  I feel like these pants were made for me, they fit PERFECTLY! I just love them! The weather is freezing out but that isn’t stopping me from wearing this outfit this winter. I love the color contrast and can’t wait pair these pieces with other items.

Love that a jacket similar to mine comes in white!

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Stay warm!!


Jacket – Rachel Roy c/o Macy’s

Shirt – Target

Pants – Jimmy Taverniti c/0 Helen & Louise

Shoes – Soda

Necklace – Sequin


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The second part of day one was one for the books! So even though we were beyond exhausted we were so excited to head to the Lion King on Broadway!!! I was so excited because I was the last person in my family to see it and everyone had been telling me what an incredible experience it is! They were so right! I was so excited to get to see it and it was breathtaking.  I have never experienced something like that before and I highly recommend EVERYONE go see it! It was also my first time being in Times Square at night! How incredible are these photos? The lights and billboards are amazing! I am a huge fan of Vegas purely because I love the lights and sounds, honestly this might have Vegas beat out! If you ever get the chance to go, take it! This is truly a sight to see!
Now about my outfit, it was a bit cold outside so I wanted to wear something practical and warm, yet fancy and pretty.  I had just been to the event in San Francisco with my best friend for the grand opening of the new Express store in Union Square, the Thursday before I left for NYC.  I scored this awesome sweater and blouse underneath while I was there.  The blouse had lace and just the right amount of sparkle! Then I added these maroon pants and boots to give it some warmth! It was perfect for a night on Broadway and in Times Square! Loved it!
Stay tuned for more pictures from my trip!
Sweater – Express
Blouse – Express
Pants – Jimmy Taverniti
Boots – Fashion Club
Purse – Olivia + Joy
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