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Rhode Island

The Breakers in Rhode Island

Yellow Flowers Rhode Island

Mansion Pillars

Rhode Island Freezing Cold

| Boots: Christina’s Fine Clothing (similar here) | Jeans: MissMe (similar here) | Jacket: Michael Kors (similar here) | Scarf: Helen & Louise (similar here) | Shirt: Target (similar here) | Purse: Tory Burch |

Like I mentioned in my last post, getting caught up from vacation has been less than easy. I never realize how many projects I am involved in, until I take off work and don’t do any of them. I am happy to be back and already gearing up for another trip coming very soon. While on the East coast, we made it a point to visit as many states as we could. When you’re from California you have to maximize your time. That being said, throughout the vacation we visited 6 states! Can you believe that?? I’ve always wanted to visit Rhode Island and finally I was able to. While we were there we went to Newport to visit the Breakers.

If you aren’t sure what the Breakers are, they are a group of mansions that sit directly on the Atlantic Ocean. They are huge, gorgeous and truly impressive. What I didn’t know is that a college sits right in the neighborhood and used a lot of these mansions as meeting halls. It was truly remarkable to see the Vanderbilt mansion among so many others. Also, it was FREEZING. So if I look incredibly cold, I was. I decided to take the casual approach since I was on vacation and all. I paired my favorite skinny jeans with some knee high boots and a very warm coat. I added an orange scarf and was really glad I did. When we started walking around the mansions I was completely numb. Thank goodness for scarves. So glad I was able to see so many beautiful places.

I hope you all have a great day! God bless!Cursive Signature

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Graceful Glamour Girl Pink Trench Coat

Graceful Glamour Girl Nordstrom Rack

Graceful Glamour Girl Brown Scarf

Graceful Glamour Girl Jessica Simpson Coat

Graceful Glamour Girl Jessica Simpson Booties

Graceful Glamour Girl Big Buddha Purse

| Coat: NordstromRack | Booties: TJMaxx (similar here) | Jeans: Hudson | Scarf: Helen & Louise (similar here) | Purse: Big Buddha (similar here) |

There is nothing quite like a beautiful sky after a storm passes through town. A few weeks ago that was exactly what happened. I grabbed the camera, my sister and ran outside. The result? A dark sky in the background. I was really excited when experts started saying that El Nino was going to be big this winter. I shined my rain boots and bought this adorable pink trench coat to prepare. Sadly, I don’t think it was as big of a deal as they thought it was going to be. Either way, I wear this trench coat every time it rains. I have to get my moneys worth after all.

I paired this coat with one of my favorite brown scarves, a pair of Hudson jeans and these great booties I found at TJ Maxx a few months ago. It was a great combo for the weather and so feminine. I found this trench coat at Nordstrom Rack in the Bay Area a few months ago. I went shopping with one of my best friends and didn’t find a thing, well until we were on our way out of the store. This jacket caught my eye and as soon as I picked it up there was another lady asking me if I was going to purchase it. I said yes, and then tried it on. It was a steal, so I was buying it for someone! My friend Melinda was kind enough to stand in the long line at the store with me while I bought this jacket. Honestly, it is one of my favorite purchases I have ever made.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! God bless!Cursive Signature

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Graceful Glamour Girl Express Dress

Graceful Glamour Girl Helen & Louise Scarf

Graceful Glamour Girl Black and White Vest

Graceful Glamour Girl Christina's Boutiques Boots

Graceful Glamour Girl Gray Dress

Graceful Glamour Girl Winter Wardrobe

Graceful Glamour Girl Up Close

| Dress: Express (similar here) | Scarf: Helen & Louise (similar here) | Vest: 116 Bijou (similar here) | Boots: Christina’s Fine Clothing (similar here) |

How about that weather this week? Is winter already over? I hope not. I haven’t been to the snow enough times to soak it all up. However if the weather is going to get warmer, one of my favorite outfits featuring this gray dress and it’s ready to go. I have to tell you, when I shot this outfit it definitely was NOT warm outside. I was shivering in between shots. My sister, mom and nephew were out there with me and were bundled up beyond belief, as I stood there in a thin dress. Either way, I have to tell you, this has become one of my favorite outfits.

I found this vest at a store in Turlock, CA called 116 Bijou. I have been following them on Instagram for forever but finally made time to stop in. They have such cute items and as soon as I saw this vest, I knew exactly how I wanted to wear it. I added this gray knit dress from Express. I’ve had it for years, however there is just something that made it pair perfectly with this vest. I added my super comfortable brown riding boots and a blue scarf to finish it off. I have already worn this outfit to work quite a few times and have been dying to share it! You can take a look at other ways I wear my favorite brown riding boots, here and here.

I have a texture problem. I don’t like textures that are static clingy, one’s that cling to my curves or whats that make me hot all day. Needless to say this knit dress is none of those things and is great for any occasion. Just don’t stand out in a park in the severe wind, it doesn’t end well, people. My sister and mom got a good laugh though. A huge thanks to my sister who took these photos for me. I’d say she has a future in photography, what do you think?

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! God bless!

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