Amarillo Texas

Durango Boots in Amarillo

Spray Paint

Corn Fields

Texas Landmark

Target Top

| Boots: c/o Durango | Shorts: Express (similar here) | Top: Target (similar here) |

 So sad that this is my last outfit post from my vacation in Texas. Although while editing these photos I could feel the humidity all over again. It was something else. I’ll take my dry California heat any day. I say that as today it was 108 degrees. I was so excited when I found out that we were going through Amarillo, Texas on our way home. You see Cadillac Ranch is there and I have wanted to see it ever since I was a little kid. It was pretty overwhelming when we walked up, as there was an overwhelming smell of spray paint. However it was still a sight to see. From all the pictures in magazines it always looked like it was out in the wide open space. Come to find out it is actually in the middle of a corn field.

I just knew I wanted to wear another pair of cowgirl boots for this post. I mean when in Texas, right? I knew this was the perfect pair. Although I was struggling to find what shirt I wanted to wear with it. Luckily my mom saved the day and let me borrow this top. It was lightweight and flowy, which with that heat, I was all about it. I was so excited to finally be able to check Cadillac Ranch off my bucket list. Although i’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more to see in Amarillo. At least we sure couldn’t find anything. But I did get to eat at my first Fuddruckers, so there’s that!

I’m already planning my next trips in the next couple of weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! God bless!

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Durango Boots

Cracker Barrel American Scarf


Farmhouse Turlock Shirt

Hico Texas

Texas Humidity is Real

Texas Country Girl

Red Bandana


| Boots: c/o Durango | Scarf: Cracker Barrel (similar here) | Shirt: Farmhouse Turlock (similar here) | Shorts: Express (similar here) |

 Last week I was in the great state of Texas, so what better place to snap a photo of American Country, than there? I have been to Texas quite a few times, but this time it was beyond humid and muggy. Or maybe I was just more aware of it because I am older now. I was dying. I’m used to heat, I live in California after all. However California’s heat is dry and bearable. Texas heat is like 100 degrees with 40% humidity. So when you get out of the car you can barely breathe. Had I known that, I wouldn’t have taken 10 different outfits with me on my trip. I could barely manage shooting two, I tell ya, the heat just sucks the life right out of you.

However, this outfit was a must, so I fought the humidity and snapped a few shots. So glad I did. Have I mentioned what an amazing photographer my mom is? I can’t even tell you how many incredible photos this woman takes. It’s always hard to choose but these turned out to be my favorites. The hot wind was blowing so we took full advantage of it. This was such a great outfit for 4th of July. Durango sent me these boots a few months ago and I knew the red bandana’s would be great for summertime. So glad my mom was up for standing in the heat for 20 minutes while we walked around the town. Also – If you’re ever in Texas near Waco or Dallas, stop into Hico. They have a wonderful ice cream shop with HUGE scoops! 🙂

What do you all think? I personally love it! Hope you all have a great day. God bless!

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** A huge thank you to Durango for providing the boots for the purpose of this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Graceful Glamour Girl.

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Graceful Glamour Girl Express Dress

Graceful Glamour Girl Helen & Louise Scarf

Graceful Glamour Girl Black and White Vest

Graceful Glamour Girl Christina's Boutiques Boots

Graceful Glamour Girl Gray Dress

Graceful Glamour Girl Winter Wardrobe

Graceful Glamour Girl Up Close

| Dress: Express (similar here) | Scarf: Helen & Louise (similar here) | Vest: 116 Bijou (similar here) | Boots: Christina’s Fine Clothing (similar here) |

How about that weather this week? Is winter already over? I hope not. I haven’t been to the snow enough times to soak it all up. However if the weather is going to get warmer, one of my favorite outfits featuring this gray dress and it’s ready to go. I have to tell you, when I shot this outfit it definitely was NOT warm outside. I was shivering in between shots. My sister, mom and nephew were out there with me and were bundled up beyond belief, as I stood there in a thin dress. Either way, I have to tell you, this has become one of my favorite outfits.

I found this vest at a store in Turlock, CA called 116 Bijou. I have been following them on Instagram for forever but finally made time to stop in. They have such cute items and as soon as I saw this vest, I knew exactly how I wanted to wear it. I added this gray knit dress from Express. I’ve had it for years, however there is just something that made it pair perfectly with this vest. I added my super comfortable brown riding boots and a blue scarf to finish it off. I have already worn this outfit to work quite a few times and have been dying to share it! You can take a look at other ways I wear my favorite brown riding boots, here and here.

I have a texture problem. I don’t like textures that are static clingy, one’s that cling to my curves or whats that make me hot all day. Needless to say this knit dress is none of those things and is great for any occasion. Just don’t stand out in a park in the severe wind, it doesn’t end well, people. My sister and mom got a good laugh though. A huge thanks to my sister who took these photos for me. I’d say she has a future in photography, what do you think?

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! God bless!

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