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Oh my goodness! My deepest apologies for the lapse in blog posts. I have had so much going on the last month that I have epically failed at keeping up on my blog! However that will soon be changing! After moving houses, finishing some midterms for school, quite a few shopping trips and time management at work, I am happy to report that my blogging will once again be filling your feed very soon! It’s been a long time gone but get ready for some amazing new outfits and trends! Thank you for your patience and I love all your support! Have a great day!

XOXO Graceful Glamour Girl

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I can’t believe how freezing it was in my home town today! So happy that it seems winter is finally arriving! That being said I thought it was time to share my country side! I grew up in a fairly decent sized town but always jumped at the chance to go visit my grandparents who lived in a very small town. I made friends with people there and absolutely loved getting to spend so much time in that small town.

Then it got a little colder and we decided to grab a blanket and have some fun!
This post was really different for me but then again I had to show my country side! I love trucks and country roads. There is just something about living so close to the country and growing near orchards and wide open spaces. It isn’t uncommon for me to just drive to the country just to see the mountains or the sunset. I absolutely love having that option when I need a break from all the city streets. I love it and I plan to never move anywhere where I can’t fully enjoy my space. 🙂
Have a great day! God bless!
Michelle Signature
Jeans: MissMe
Shirt: Target
Scarf: Target
Boots: Ariat
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I happen to love the color Gray! I probably wear it way too much! Either way today’s post is gray on a sunny day!

I love this little gray jacket! I found it at Macy’s and it has become a favorite in my closet!
I just found these shoes and they are so comfortable and cute!!!
Obsessed with Michael Kors and pretty much everything he sells!!
As you can tell I loved this shoot! This outfit has been one of my favorites that is constantly on repeat from my closet. I love it all! 🙂
I bought this Michael Kors bag and quickly regret it, only because I throw anything and everything in it. It holds way too much, but since when is that a bad thing. I absolutely love Michael Kors. His bags are always great quality and so fashion forward. I have a small collection of them and they just get better with time. Can’t wait to see what other adorable purses he will make me want to buy next. There are just so many choices. Love them all!
Have a great day!
Jacket: Macy’s
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Big Buddha
Shirt: Banana Republic
Bracelet: New York and Co.
Purse: Michael Kors
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