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I absolutely love stripes! I found this jacket yesterday at Target and was so excited! This is what I paired it with!

Took this striped jacket and added black leggings to dress it up!
Next added gorgeous heels to really add some fancy to it!
Add a necklace then you’re done!
This just became one of my favorite outfits!
This fall outfit is perfect for a day at the office or a night o the town.
Don’t you just love an outfit that is practical and comfortable? I sure do. There is nothing like a pair of leggings that you can do a million things with. Dress them up for work? Dress them down for vacation or a day of shopping. No matter how you wear them, they can be used for a million different things. I added some heels and couldn’t wait to throw this outfit together. Also, could these shoes be more adorable? Vera Wang, knows just how to get to my heart.
Looking for more leggings outfits? You can find some here and here. You can always find inspiration on my blog or social media sites. Instagram is probably the best way. Head here to find more fashion.
Jacket, White Shirt, Leggings: Target, Necklace: New York and Company and Shoes: Vera Wang
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Today I was so excited when I walked outside because it is actually breezy! Fall is probably my favorite time of the year! Bring on the fall outfits! I absolutely love this trench coat.

I love trench coats and the look they add to an outfit!
I have a new found love for skinny jeans. I never really liked the way they looked at the bottom so I decided to role them up and make them ankle pants!
I absolutley adore these shoes! They are just enough flare to make this outfit fun and bold!
I went with a classic smokey eye! Today I mixed charcoal and green to make this combination!
Hope everyone has a great day!!!
Trench Coat: ELLE (similar here), Shirt: New York and Company, Jeans: Express, Shoes: Candies
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I can’t belive I am doing this! I do not think I have ever taken such close up photos without make up! However, I want everyone to see how easy it is to recreate my look! Hope this make up tutorial helps you if you need it.

Step 1: Apply foundation to your face to make your skin look evenly fresh.
Step 2: Then apply a light colored eye shadow all over the lid of your eye.
Step 3: Take a brown colored eye shadow and apply it to the crease of your eye.
Step 4: Take a fun color, like green and add it the small top part of your lid.
Step 5: Add some eyeliner to the bottom of your eye.
Step 6: Dont forget the mascara! Dont laugh either, but I seriously do blowdry my eyelashes after putting on mascara!
Step 7: Put mascara on your bottom lashes!
Step 8: You’re DONE!!!
Its a long process but it pays off once you’re done! 🙂 Have a great rest of the day!
Products I used:
Foundation: Clinique
Eye Shadows: Ulta, E.L.F.
Mascara: Maybelline
Blush: Benefit
Eyeliner: E.L.F.
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